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2 1/2 Hour Basic Model Coaching Session in New York @ $125


Thursday, 31 August


Saturday, 2 September


Sunday, 3 September


Locations TBA

Also, Private NYC Designer Show Coordination and Model Booking Consultations

Friday, 1 September &

Monday, 4 September

[Location: Designers' studios workrooms...]

Sign up by 30 August

The first five model-friend referrals  & college students to sign up receive a $5 discount with proof of enrollment by sign up deadline.

More info and to sign up, visit our Eventbrite page. Click here. 

SPECTRUM Program - Model Consulting, Coaching  and Show Coordination

SPECTRUM is a separate program and division of RunWay Underground [the Evolution...] Fashion Production Group, Network, Publishing and Academy.

The SPECTRUM Program provides the highest level of fashion model consultation and coaching services for models of all ethnicities, shapes, sizes, heights and levels of experience that are not signed with RWU, models signed with other agencies or thinking about modeling as a career with very little or some experience.

RunWay Underground's SPECTRUM Program is the perfect resource for anyone interested in or hesitant about going into fashion modeling or those who have been going on castings with little/no booking success or who have been booked for a few shows, photo shoots and other assignments and aren't being called back. It is great solution for those who have had too many awkward or bad experiences with agents and/or photographers, show producers and designers.

These uncomfortable situations and negative experiences are often the results of not having any or enough proper training, preparation and/or experience in the industry.  Sometimes it's as simple as your walk not being as good as you think it is or that you're not getting the right/best information or you're ideas and expectations about the modeling world are a little off... 

RWU is unique in that we require our in-house models attend a mandatory orientation session, model coaching and professional development workshop sessions before receiving their first assignments; as well as refresher sessions throughout their contract cycles.

Our contract, in-house models do not pay for these training and consultation services. They are benefits of what we offer our models in addition to other contract requirements so that our models are well-prepared for and have successful assignments, positive experiences and a good rapport with our in-house designers and crew, other industry professional; as well as outside clients.  All of which are key to good pay and longevity in the business.  

Very few modeling agencies and talent managers do this, and certainly not for free.  A lack of proper, professional training and preparation is one of the main contributing factors why agencies either have high turn over rates, disappointed clients and why the industry has a category of models who give the rest bad reps.

This is the only time these workshops and management services are being offered to models that are not under contract with or would not typically work with RunWay Underground. The services of this program are for both novice and experienced models — male and female of any ethnicity.  Believe it or not, it's the "experienced" models who often cause designers, booking agents, photographers and show producers to wince or giggle or throw up their hands... Ms. Sankofa has an extremely critical eyes and can spot a flawed walk, poorly posed and composed photo a mile away.  What most people (especially models) think is good and wonderful usually isn't and you will learn why in this program. 

Through the SPECTRUM Program we offer three levels of model consulting and coaching workshops at discounts for referrals and small groups who attend sessions together. Participants who complete full sessions will receive a certificate and discounts on future services.

Start by getting on the list for a session send your name, age, phone and email address to [email protected]. Please put "Model Coaching" the subject heading. Don't forget to indicate which session you're interested in and if you're attending with or referred by a friend (include their name and email address). There is no deposit or payment needed to get on the list. Once the minimum number of participants is reached or all the spaces for a session are filled you will receive an email with instructions on what to do next to reserve your place.

Runway/Catwalk Coaching. Covers essential professional:

  • Extensive runway coaching, critic and choreography
  • Industry inside information
  • How to develop multiple walks and moods
  • Being aware or your expressions on the runway
  • Essential tips on how not to over do it on the runway
  • What to do when you stubble or fall and how to recover
  • Garment malfunctions
  • Maintaining pace, rhythm, mood and line

This is a 90 minute session. We offer this session on a weekday evenings or a Saturdays @ $95/person for groups of 4 or 10. Private sessions @ $125/person.  [Discounts for model-friend referrals and groups.]

A minimum $50 deposit is required in advance to hold your place with the balance due via Eventbrite or in person by the day of or at the workshop (credit/debit card, money order or cash). Deposits and full payments in advance are refundable minus a 20% processing fee for cancellations at least 48 hours before the session. Deposits and advanced payment will not be refunded for no-shows or without 48 hour cancellation notice.  

Basic Model Orientation Session I. Covers basic professional industry topics:

  • Types of model contracts and releases
  • Do's and don'ts of paying fees to agencies
  • Hygiene
  • Agent fees
  • Spotting modeling and photographer scams
  • What to do/expect on different assignments
  • The business and catty realities of fashion modeling and how to develop a thick skin 
  • How not to let the diva inside prematurely shorten, end or spoil your modeling career 
  • Paid gigs vs. non-paid gigs
  • How to interact with designers/clients
  • What to expect/do at a show or on a photo shoot
  • What designers, stylists, casting agents and show producers look for at auditions and go-sees 
  • How to prepare and dress for a call & other assignments (incl. hygiene, basic hair and makeup styling tips).
  • The Austin/Central Texas and NY fashion markets.

This is a 2 1/2  hour session. We offer this session on a weekday evening or Saturdays @ $150/person for groups of 4 or 10. Private sessions @ $175/person.  

A minimum $50 deposit is required in advance to hold your place with the balance due via PayPal by the day of or at the workshop (check, money order or cash). Deposits and full payments in advance are refundable minus a 20% processing fee for cancellations at least 48 hours before the session. Deposits and advanced payment will not be refunded for no-shows or without 48 hour cancellation notice.  

Model Consultation and Coaching Workshop II:

Includes all the above, plus ----
  • Basic photo shoot etiquette and posing
  • The importance of a book
  • How to build and critically editing your portfolio/book
  • Taking care of and improving your skin, body and hair (this includes an individual 15 minute consultation with our lead make-up artist and hair stylist)
  • Basic runway coaching and choreography
  • Basic photo shoot etiquette,  posing and technique

[This session can also be customized for those who want more emphasis on photography/print work or fashion show /catwalk coaching and consultation.]

This is a 4 hour session. We offer this session on a weekday from 11AM - 3PM or 5:30PM - 9:30PM or Saturdays from 11:30AM to 3:30PM. We prefer to present this workshop in groups of 4 to 8 @ $85/hour/person.

*Private sessions are $275. Location given at registration. 

[15% off every February through May for Fashion X Austin and Austin Fashion Week Models.  FYI, we give discounts for friend referrals and groups.]

A minimum $50 deposit is required in advance to hold your place with the balance due via PayPal or the day of or at the workshop (check, money order or cash). Deposits and full-advance payments are refundable minus a 20% admin fee for cancellations at least 48 hours before the session. Deposits and advanced payment will not be refunded for no-shows or without 48 hour cancellation notice. 


Advance Model Consultation and Coaching Workshop III:

  • Includes all of the above, plus —
  • Additional runway coaching and choreography
  • A live studio photo shoot and coaching session with RWU?s in-house photographers.
  • A professional head or beauty shot and editorial shoot.
  • Each participant will go through full make-up and hair styling
  • The photos from the shoots will be used in a critic workshop in the second part of the session
  • Each participant will select and receive high quality, edited images from the shoots which you can add to or start          your portfolio.

This is a 9-hour session that will be split over 3-days. The first section is 4 hours, the second section is 3 hours and the final/critic and photo selection section is 2 hours. We offer this workshop over two weekdays and a weekend (days and times TBA). Scheduling of the photo shoot segment of this workshop will depend entirely on the photographer, hair stylist and make-up artists' schedules.  This workshop is limited to groups of 3-6 @ $500/person. Private sessions are $650.

Due to the extra staff and special accommodations needed to present this Session III, a 50% deposit will be due in advance to hold your reservation with the balance due by the day of the workshop sections. Deposits and full-advance payments are refundable minus a 25% admin fee for cancellations at least 48 hours before the workshop. No refunds or credit will be given if a participant cancels or is a no show for the second and third sections. 

Please bring: 

  • Something to take notes with:
  • Your heels (ladies);
  • Men no sports/running/gym shoes,
  • No sagging pants or baggy clothing;.
  • Men and women dress as if you were going on an audition; 
  • You will be critiqued and corrected if you don't get it right; and 
  • No guests or recording devices allowed.

All participants must be 18 years or older.

[Models 16 and 17 year old must be accompanied by or have verifiable written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Sorry we currently do not offer this program to participants under 16 years old.] 

Additional Services

Make-up and Skin Care Consultation: A one hour consultation includes a touch up with our lead make-up artist. This session also includes product recommendation and homeopathic skin care alternatives @ $50.

Hair Consultation: A one hour hair assessment and styling consultation session with our lead stylist includes styling options that highlight your best features and the best looks for assignments @ $50. Or both for $80.

These individual services are available any time and are separate from the full sessions listed above. Just email us for an appointment at:  [email protected]

Fashion Show Model Coaching, Choreography & Show Coordinating: The focus of this aspect of RWU and SPECTRUM is to provide on-site model coaching and show choreography for fashion designers, stylists, event producers and agencies that want to present high quality, well-executed professional and memorable fashion shows and events whether for the catwalk or installations. Not only do we want to ensure that our clients creative visions are met -- even exceeded by developing the professional skills of models in Austin we also want to fulfill our mission of elevating model preparedness, As a professional dancer and choreographer, performance company creative director Nailah and RWU bring unique and dynamic experiences, perspectives and techniques to our runway training and show choreography.  Nailah also has over 30 years experience as a event production coordinator, managing and coordinating conferences, performances, visual arts and cultural exhibits, programs and projects.  RWU and SPECTRUM will also provide designers, design assistants and other show managers and coordinators with one-on-one consultations on fashion show and event production and model castings.

To schedule a complimentary consultation or for additional information, please call 512.650.8281 or email us at:  [email protected]

[Fees and services are subject to change without notice. The Spectrum Program, RWU and it's subsidiaries do not guarantee models' casting and booking results.]