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RWU's next Model Coaching Retreat-Workshops

Saturday & Sunday, 5 & 6 February 2016 

Times & location TBA soon.

2016 International Afrikan Fashion-Austin Open 

Model Auditions

On  Saturday, 4 June 2016 RWU will be holding open auditions for models of all ethnicities — male & female to walk our 2016 International Afrikan Fashion Week-Austin (IAFW-A) events 18-21 August 2015.

Minimum age is 16! 

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Please read the information to the right on this page for specific details on what to
know/do/bring to a RWU audition.


RWu CallS for MOdels, Photographer, MUA & HairStylist Castings

| Model: Taylor Henry | Photo by: Christina Curlee | 

| Hair/MU: Nailah I. Sankofa |

Next RWU Model Auditions

Call for Black Models

| Saturday, 31 October 2015 | 2pm-3:30pm |

| Thursday, 5 November 2015 | 6:30pm - 8pm |

| Windsor Park Library |  5833 Westminster Dr, Austin, TX 78723 | In meeting rooms 1 & 2 |

Please step in to get an audition number, model info card and form to fill out at the tables in the library and wait to be called.

Black Women: size 0-6 @ 5'-8" tall & up - 16+
Black Men: 5'-9" & up. Ages: 16 & up. Must be lean & toned
Curvy & Plus-Size Black Women Models: size 8-18 @ 5'-8" tall & up. Must be toned

We are especially interested in casting petite Black women (5'-4" to 5'-7" size 0-6).

Black female models with natural hair (i.e. unprocessed, no weaves or extensions) is a big plus and preference with us but not mandatory.

We are also casting models of all ethnicities for our International Afrikan Fashion Week-Austin 2016 events 18-21 August.

No previous modeling experience necessary. RWU provides free coaching and development for our signed models. 

We do NOT charge fees to audition nor do we charge our signed models fees for model coaching, workshops, consultations or other model development services...

Minor models must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Female models must wear high heels for the audition!

Bring a headshot and/or full body shot. Photos do not have to be professional. If you have a book, please bring it. Read more important info about this call below... 

IMPORTANT: Models Please have your name. email, phone number(s), your weight, height, bust/chest, waist, hip and shoe size on the back of your photos already on the back of whatever photos you are tuning in at the audition. You will slow down the process by not having this done in advance. We will not take your photos without this info on the back and we will not do it for you. We will still see you if you don't have a photo.

Independent models, models with other agencies and those of other ethnicities, visit our SPECTRUMProgram page for professional model consultation, coaching services and to register for your chance to model in RWU outside subcontract projects. Through our SPECTRUM Program RWU holds open model auditions two to three times a year for all ethnicities 

for our I-AFW/A events as well as assignments with other Austin fashion designers and outside/non-RWU fashion shows/events. 


RWU's Model Agency standards, protocols & Philosophy

Models of Afrikan ascent/heritage, please read the info below about our agency, model philosophy, protocols and audition details and dates. No phone calls from potential models regarding model auditions

Very rarely, if at all are Black models featured in high fashion runway shows or in fashion print ads in Austin or most national and international runway shows or ad campaigns at the rate models of non-Afrikan/Black models.  The same is often true for designers, photographers, stylists make up artists and hair stylists of Afrikan ascent.

In an attempt to address and correct this outmoded disparity (at least on a local level),RunWay Underground[the Evolution] Fashion Production Group, Network & Publishing began holding regular model searches in October 2010 and continues to hold regular auditions for models of Afrikan ascent/heritage (see current dates above and below). We are currently casting Black models for professional/legitimate fashion, trunk and runway shows, launch events, catalog, fitness and editorial print gigs.

While we typically cast "non-traditional" experienced and novice male and female models, our focus for many of our model castings is also petite Black women (5'-4" to 5'-7" tall, size 0-6. 

Our preference for "traditional" models are: Women size 2-6 @ 5'-8" tall & up.

Men 5'-10" tall & up with lean/toned builds as well as toned Curvy female models - size 8-18 @ 5'-8" tall & up, must be toned and evenly proportioned.  

We are looking for "real" people — new fresh talent and faces. Both experienced and novice models are encouraged to audition. If you have never modeled before but have always wanted to this the perfect opportunity to get your modeling feet wet, start a portfolio and receive coaching. 

No! We do not charge fees to audition nor do we charge our signed models fees for coaching, workshops or consultation services...

This is an opportunity for those who have little or no modeling experience, only the truly serious need respond and show up. We want people who are very passionate about modeling, punctual, prepared to work and who can take direction and criticism — experienced or not. If you are not serious about modeling whether as a "side" thing to your day job or if you are an over-committed student, please do not waste our time coming to calls. If you're prone to quitting, fibbing, making excuses when things get tough or busy, or aren't fun all the time or if you think working with all Black people/businesses isn't the same or as important as working with other ethnic/non-Black groups and businesses, then modeling and, RWU, definitely are not for you! 

We do not charge our cast models for any of the professional coaching, consultation and training services they receive to model with/for us.  However we do require an agreement of commitment and contracts as well as a genuine and professional commitment to RWU events, shows and assignments for the services, experience and exposure our models receive. In other words, if you're just messing around and want to tell folks you're a model or just to see if you'll get in but don't want to do serious work ? please do not waste our time and resources! It just makes it that much harder for the next person to get in, especially those who are serious and committed. ?It also costs our designers, contractors, crew and RWU resources and money when models flake out.  And some do flake out! We will hold signed models to their agreements/contracts and bill them for any costs and inconvenience to our clients and productions created by models who flake out. 

Please read the following list of instructions and information about our calls: 

Some potential models have been arriving to calls late and without necessary materials and information...

  • Please arrive on time and during the appropriate call.
  • If an audition time says "only" we will not see you past that time. 
  • Models do not arrive during calls for photographers, etc.
  • Please come prepared to show your walk. 
  • Ladies bring/wear high heals! Put them on when enter. [Make sure your heels fit properly and comfortably!]
  • Practice your walk several days before attending a call not just the day before or the morning of.
  • We would like you to bring a snapshot. 
  • Snapshots do not need to be professional.  [Just have a friend/relative take a simple, natural picture of you and print it out at the drug store or on your printer.]
  • Please include your measurements (height, weight, waist, hips, bust/chest, shoe size), your contact phone number and email address on the back of the photo. [If you don't do this you will slow up the process and we will not take your photo(s). And how will we know who the picture belongs to? ]
  • No nude, boudoir, obscene, family, out of focus, old or distasteful photos.
  • We are seeking Afrikan/Black female models 5'-2" tall and up and male models 5'-8" tall and up.
  • Ages 18 to 45 [We will look at teens 16-17 years old but they absolutely must be accompanied to the call by a parent or legal guardian who must remain at the call the entire time, no drop offs ornotes from home. We are not currently casting models under 16 years old. No parents in the audition area.]
  • You do not have to be super model thin or amazon tall but you should be energetic, in good physical health/condition and toned. Able to stand, pose for extended periods and willing to improve what you have.
  • All prospective models should be toned and firm (including curvy and plus size candidates).
  • HINT:  Black women with [your own] natural hair which means, non-chemically processed hair and no weaves, are preferred in our searches and shows. If you're hair isn't natural or your own, be prepared to have it styled au naturel and traditionally... Even cut or re-colored for certain projects and assignments.
  • If you are over-sentimentally attached to your processed hair, synthetic weaves, tracks or blonde, purple or red hair coloring ? modeling is NOT for you. Please don't bother wasting our time.
  • If your hair is processed or augmented in any way (i.e. extensions/weave...), we suggest you attempt camouflaging it in some tasteful way (i.e. a head wrap, pulling it back in a ponytail or top not, braiding it, twists...) for auditions with us. 
  • FYI: RWU's executive creative director is NOT a fan of weaves or processed hair!
  • RWU prefer our models to have natural hair, coming to an audition with a bad weave, or in between touch ups is not desirable or helpful. Having weaves or extensions won't prevent you from being cast or signed but you'll have to take them out soon after...
  • Signed models are required to attend a mandatory RWU model orientation, contract review and model coaching sessions before receiving any assignments. 
  • Cast models must also attend other professional coaching sessions, consultations, mandatory photo/show critic/review sessions and special events.
  • If selected for photo shoots, models will receive quality edited photos. We will not release unedited photos! At or soon after some fashion shows models may receive digital or ink jet printed tears from the show. 
  • Compensation for out-side RWU work is based on experience, the assignment, project, the client and project budget. 
  • Ladies wear/bring high heels [that fit and that are comfortable]. If you wear shoes that are too big it will negatively effect your walk and we can tell.
  • Men: Fitted clothing only. 
  • No sagging or baggy clothing — your pants (and shirts)  must fit properly and snugly.
  • Men: No athletic/sports shoes! Please wear/bring regular dress/business shoes or boots that are clean/polished.
  • If you have modeling experience and a book, please bring it.
  • If you are currently with an agency, please have them contact us first & provide their info @ the call.
  • Minor models (16 & 17) must come with a parent or legal guardian (aunt, grandparent, adult sibling...). No drop offs.
  • Parents/guardians can not come into the audition area while their teen is auditioning.
  • If you are diva Mommager/stage parent, please consider another modeling agency.

  • Upon arrival, please do not walk into the audition area. Take a "Model Call Info" card, fill it out in the lobby, put on you heels, attach your photo,  put on a number and wait to be called..
  • Again: Prospective models 16 & 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • No phone calls or emails from models about model calls, just show up. 
  • FYI, sign up cut off is 15 minutes before published end time.
  • If you miss a call, don't worry there will be more.
  • Check back here often as we have regular auditions.

For non-RWU models and models of other ethnicities, please check out our
SPECTRUM Program on this website for professional model consulting and coaching services. 

Meda asé! Thank you!
And good luck!